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By on July 19, 2016

What is an ear tip?

The tip of the ear is removed under anesthetic as an easy way to mark and identify if an outdoor cat has been fixed. This will help you to monitor your cats for any new arrivals that need to be fixed.

How to catch a feisty cat

Live traps are the safest way to catch a feral or shy cats. 

  1. Acclimate cats to traps by leaving them open with food for 3-7 days. 
  2. Set traps the day before your appointment. Do NOT transfer cats to a different carrier or crate. It is safest for everyone to leave them in the traps. 
  3. Move traps to a safe, warm area. Cover with a sheet. 
  4. Return cats to the area originally caught the day after surgery.

Never leave a trap open, unattended overnight. Tuna is a great bait to convince cats to go in the trap.

Benefits to fixing male cats 

  1. Reduced aggression between cats (aka fewer cat fights, yowling, and disease transfer).
  2. Decreased or eliminated urine spraying to mark territory.
  3. Less roaming. Males can sense an in heat female from 2 miles away. Neutered males are more likely to stay close to home. 

**Outdoor cats don’t always have an owner. That’s okay. We can still help you spay or neuter them.**